At what age can you start cosmetic acupuncture treatment?

Chinese acupuncture is suitable for all ages. However, anti-aging treatment is recommended for any woman who wants to take care of herself and prevent aging or treat existing problems.

How many treatments are needed?

It depends on the condition of the skin. It is recommended to do a series of treatments between 10-12 sessions, 1-3 times a week for best results. Response to treatment varies from woman to woman depending on age and lifestyle. However results appear to be seen after 4-6 treatments depending on the condition of the skin. Some see a difference after the first treatment. Again it depends on the condition of the skin and the amount of wrinkles.

When can the treatment results be seen?

The results of the treatment are individual to each woman. The results depend on the age of the patient, dietary habits, amount of drinking water daily, health status, and mental and emotional state. In order to see a significant improvement, a number of treatments are needed, because the body needs to teach itself to regenerate on its own naturally without any injections or chemicals or other factors.

What skin conditions can be treated?

Skin lifting and face lifting, improving facial tone, skin blemishes and pigmentation, dry skin, eliminating double chin, reducing puffiness under the eyes, encouraging natural production of collagen and elastin, strengthening muscles, and more...

What is the difference between Botox and this treatment?

Botox is basically a poison that temporarily erases wrinkles for only a few months. The goal of Botox is to partially and temporarily paralyze the muscle of the nerves and subsequent muscles. And for that it numbs the muscle and the muscle loses its tone. Whereas, acupuncture treatment works on the wrinkles to erase them completely. Acupuncture flattens the wrinkles without paralyzing the muscle. Acupuncture is a more slower process but works to reduce wrinkles naturally. Further, Botox can only be done in the upper third of the face, which is a big disadvantage. However, acupuncture can be done on the whole face.

Is it possible to do both Botox and filler injections as well as your treatment of wrinkles through acupuncture and the like?

Yes it is possible to combine the two. However, one needs to wait about 3 weeks after Botox.

Does acupuncture treatment also help older skin?

Yes of course! In older skin the amount of collagen and elastin decreases so there is no elasticity in the skin, so we balance the tone of the muscle and give stimulation to the skin in order to energize it.

What are the prices?

The cost of the treatment is currently discounted at NIS 300. Maintenance treatment is on sale of NIS 150. Prices are subject to change!

Do you only treat women?

Yes, the clinic is only open to women.


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